Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Movies

It has been a rather off week for me and mine but we got through it! We only watched two movies - yeah! Because this means we should have been productive in other areas (maybe?).

I am a hugh Gerad Butler fan, ask my husband. If my guy Gerad is in a movie my honey will ask me when will we be watching your boyfriend?

So I was very excited to watch Gamer because Gerad was in it, it was action and he would be looking good. So the best thing I can say is he looks good. Not a whole lot of dialogue going in this movie. Blood, guns and can I say some very gross, distrubing and sick sexual stuff. Um I will not buy this movie nor will I ever watch it again. Which makes me very sad, good thing I have this pictures to get me through the disappointment.

The next movie is All About Steve with Sandra Bullock. Now I did go into this movie thinking that the trailers looked stupid but I'm a fan so why not give it a try. The first half of this movie is as dumb as the trailers make it out to be. And when I say stupid I mean the kind of squirm in your seat and look the other way uncomfortable its so bad kind of way. The second half is much better (yes I sat through it). I would even go so far as to say skip the first 30 minutes and you will enjoy the movie. Have a Great Week!

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  1. I saw All About Steve and I actually really hated it!!!