Monday, January 18, 2010


So I make all the rules and enforce them everyday, that's my job right?

We bought a brand new Vizio 46" fHD yada yada tv right around Halloween. We treated like crystal, gentle and aware of it at all times.

We bought a Wii for Christmas, you see where this is headed don't you!

Rule number one always wear the controller with the band securely around your wrist, no exceptions.

Sunday we are all bowling, I'm doing dishes inbetween my turn. I get up to bowl (without putting on the band) take by turn, Tank my dog gets in my way of swinging, I hit him, let go of the controller and smack it hits the new tv. It is shattered on the inside.

Sure I have a warranty on it but it does not cover me breaking it, nor does the homeowners insurance cover it. My husband would not speak to me until today.

The only good thing is that I am glad it was me and not one of the boys!

So I am officially a dumbass!


  1. You're not a got caught up in the Wii moment. Now, if someone else had been doing dishes, instead of you, it never would have happened - I think you need a new chore chart, is all!

  2. Oh no! That sucks.

    For what it's worth, had you not broken the Vizio yourself, that piece of shit would have self destructed inside of 4 months flat. Haven't you read my numerous blogs on how Vizio sucks monkey nuts?????? I will never puchase another one of those turds again.

    They are cheaper for a reason. I found that out the hard way!

    You might want to use my "blowing" technique to see if your husband still has a pulse. Might help him get over his anger a little faster as well. ;)

  3. OH NO!!! Thats horrible! I think I would cry a big big river of tears and ground myself to my room for like a month. (hey that might be fun)

  4. Well that just sucks ass! We have all had those "Wii" moments. I never wear the damned strap and neither do my kids. We just always end up hitting someone in the head or knee rather than the t.v.
    It happens........

  5. My son makes me wrap that thing around my wrist and tighten it. I guess he has good reason!