Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Over it and moving on

So I think the dark cloud about the whole me breaking the new TV has passed us by. I hooked up the older than shit TV from our room to everything and while it is like looking at ants compared to the one I broke it will do for now.

Also of some little importance I had my first day of spring semester and I think I must be sick because I love school. I like the books, teachers, homework and the running like mad to get to the next class, I should be committed.

Lastly on the ride home I was doing my usual flipping through all the radio stations listening to a variety of music and came across this song. I really liked it, though normally not my thing, Hope you enjoy. I guess the song was released today and there is no official video yet.


  1. It's great to love school! And I'm just glad you HAD another tv!

  2. We only have one TV. If I had a Wii, and threw the controller through our only set, I'd be in big trouble for a long time.