Sunday, January 10, 2010


Movies time! I actually went to the movies to see my first review - hugh treat!

My man and I were really excited to see this movie. We both like Downey and we both like Sherlock Holmes so this seemed like a no brainer to us. We wanted to see it on the big screen because some movies should just been seen big. When it was over neither one of us could say for sure that we loved it. We liked it but there was something about the movie that let us down(My man actually nodded, only for a moment though). Not sure what it was only I left thinking that there should have been more of something, Again don't ask me what, it was a fine movie but if I were going to recommend it which I would I would tell you to rent the dvd and save some money.

I'm not sure how I want to rate this movie. It is slow, disturbing and poigant(sp). There is a lot of nudity, male and female in the beginning of this movie. And since the sex is between a older woman and a 15-16 yo boy it can be difficult to watch. It is a different take on the holicaust and it has an emotional impact but it is a quiet story. I will recommend it but not for young children because of the nudity and the love scenes.


  1. I can see where the age difference would be a little uncomfortable with that one!

    I have always enjoyed your movie reviews! You're so helpful!

  2. I wanted to see Sherlock Holmes, but will probably wait for the DVD. Did your theater have the D- Box seats? D-Box Seats: Realistic Motion Effects in Perfect Sync With On-Screen Action! Ours had a couple of sample seats in the lobby, they move with the action - so if Holmes got punched, the seat jerked, and it vibrated during explosions and stuff. I think they charged $7 extra for the privilege of sitting in one of those seats in the theater.

    I've not seen The Reader, but I did read the book. You're right, it's a bit disturbing.