Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Movies

Charlie St. Cloud

This movie is listed as a romantic drama, which I suppose in a round about way it is. It stars Zac Efron as a brother tormented by the death of his younger brother. It is my understanding that the movie left out a lot of information from the book that would have made the movie easier to follow. My guys and I were trying to guess throughout the movie what was going on, what was real and what wasn't. It does have a choppy feel to it, like an editor had to have a heavy hand to make this movie come together. I will give Zac Efron some props though, he does have some great moments when he acts with his brother ( played by Charlie Tahan). The teenagers watched this (boys) and agreed that it was missing something, it never got you emotionally involved but you did care and wanted to know more so that you would be invested. ☺☺☺

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Saw this in the theatre in 3D, my first advise is don't see it in 3D. There is nothing worth seeing in 3D that wouldn't be the same in normal viewing. The previews were the only part cool about watching in 3D and the best 3D images were from a ad for a 3D camera. This was not my husbands favorite movie in the series and I have to agree. There is only Lucy and Edmond and their really awful cousin. There are only a few Narnian creatures and really no chemistry between the actors. I will say this for the boy who plays the cousin (played by Will Poulter) he eventually steals the movie because while you hate his voice, mannerisms and just his presence at the beginning of the movie, about halfway through you realize he is the movie and it becomes a love hate relationship. So my advise is rent this one and save yourself some money. ☺☺☺