Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Movies

It has been a rather off week for me and mine but we got through it! We only watched two movies - yeah! Because this means we should have been productive in other areas (maybe?).

I am a hugh Gerad Butler fan, ask my husband. If my guy Gerad is in a movie my honey will ask me when will we be watching your boyfriend?

So I was very excited to watch Gamer because Gerad was in it, it was action and he would be looking good. So the best thing I can say is he looks good. Not a whole lot of dialogue going in this movie. Blood, guns and can I say some very gross, distrubing and sick sexual stuff. Um I will not buy this movie nor will I ever watch it again. Which makes me very sad, good thing I have this pictures to get me through the disappointment.

The next movie is All About Steve with Sandra Bullock. Now I did go into this movie thinking that the trailers looked stupid but I'm a fan so why not give it a try. The first half of this movie is as dumb as the trailers make it out to be. And when I say stupid I mean the kind of squirm in your seat and look the other way uncomfortable its so bad kind of way. The second half is much better (yes I sat through it). I would even go so far as to say skip the first 30 minutes and you will enjoy the movie. Have a Great Week!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As for yesterday's melt down I wanted to say I'm fine. Here's what I think I've learned or been told by others.

1.  My husband wonders if it's menopause? Uh not sure what to say tot hat, I'm 44 so I suppose. Maybe something to consider and look up.

2. My girlfriend thinks I just needed a good cry, to release built up stress. Probably because once my man came home and the boys got home I was fine. I think perhaps I need a hobby to help me as well.

3. I over think my life. I've known this for a while but have yet to come up with a way to get out of my head. I even tried taking one tylenol pm last night and still woke up off and on thinking of money and my daughter. I'd take two but then I'm groggy in the morning.

4. I should stop watching Grey's. While it's true that I got the whole "bright and shiney" thing from the show and I do tend to cry a lot when I watch it, I can hardly blame the show for my breaksdown.  Therefore not watching is not an option.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Feeling Bright and Shiney

I can't stop feeling sad. I try, I really try to be this happy bright and shiney person. It is who I want to be but I can't seem to get there. My relationship with my girls is far south from where I thought it would be. One won't even talk to us. My boys are good but they are busy all the time. We can't seem to get anywhere financially, my husband hasn;'t had any work since Christmas and now I sit here just crying. I think my springer spainel thinks I'm crazy. I was doing fine watching reruns of Grey's and then bamm I'm crying, I need a happy pill or a normal pill, how about I need to lose a gazillions of pounds pill, or I miss my girls pills.

Mostly i really want bright and shiney!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Movies

As you may know I recently broke our TV so movie watching took a back seat. We did watch two though once we moved the old TV out to the livingroom, here they are.

Now I have to say this isn't my thing to much, I did have to leave in the middle but I watched the beginning and ending. It is disturbing and sometimes brutal but it is good. My husband who really likes this type of movie was impressed that it had a plot and suspense. It even made him jump twice, which is a hugh thing. So if you like to be scared and like a good suspense plot then you will like this movie, just be prepared to be a little freaked out at times.

I loved this movie, my husband loved this movie - until the end. The ending totally sucked. All the way through you are drawn in, all be it in a very slow pace but in a good way. You root for Adam you want him to find a way to live in this world. You want him to have love and family. All I'm going to say is the ending sucks!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Being an English major I have and will be reading a lot of different kinds of writing. This is fine because for the most part I really enjoy reading. Today while doing my homework I did have to read some very dry intro material but it got me thinking and maybe these questions will get you thinking as well.

1. Why do I read? Mostly for the pure enjoyment of being transported to somewhere else, or made to feel like I'm living the characters lives. It is that opportunity to go within myself (literally the house could burn down and I wouldn't notice when I'm reading a good book, that's what my husband says) and disappear.

2. What do I read? Mostly fiction, I know that reading nonfiction is important for knowledge about the who, what and when going on but when I read I want something out of the ordinary. That intangible something that makes me forget who I am. I want to cry, be scared, and feel love or hate. What I don't want is a timeline of events or a justification for someone else's life.

3. How do I read? According to my text book I read too fast. Reading is supposed to be a slow and steady process, not an all you can eat buffet, which closes in an hour. I don't know if I can read like that. I read fast because I can't wait for the next words. While I want to understand what I'm reading, I don't want to have to do a background check on the author and try to understand why they may have written the book.

Anyway those are some questions that came up while I was doing homework, just thought I would share!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Over it and moving on

So I think the dark cloud about the whole me breaking the new TV has passed us by. I hooked up the older than shit TV from our room to everything and while it is like looking at ants compared to the one I broke it will do for now.

Also of some little importance I had my first day of spring semester and I think I must be sick because I love school. I like the books, teachers, homework and the running like mad to get to the next class, I should be committed.

Lastly on the ride home I was doing my usual flipping through all the radio stations listening to a variety of music and came across this song. I really liked it, though normally not my thing, Hope you enjoy. I guess the song was released today and there is no official video yet.

Monday, January 18, 2010


So I make all the rules and enforce them everyday, that's my job right?

We bought a brand new Vizio 46" fHD yada yada tv right around Halloween. We treated like crystal, gentle and aware of it at all times.

We bought a Wii for Christmas, you see where this is headed don't you!

Rule number one always wear the controller with the band securely around your wrist, no exceptions.

Sunday we are all bowling, I'm doing dishes inbetween my turn. I get up to bowl (without putting on the band) take by turn, Tank my dog gets in my way of swinging, I hit him, let go of the controller and smack it hits the new tv. It is shattered on the inside.

Sure I have a warranty on it but it does not cover me breaking it, nor does the homeowners insurance cover it. My husband would not speak to me until today.

The only good thing is that I am glad it was me and not one of the boys!

So I am officially a dumbass!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Movie's

The thing about being sick is you watch a lot of movies, both winners and losers. Here are the movies I watched while sick:

This first move is called Franklyn. It is rated R, I would say for language and attempted suicides. This is also suppose to be a sci-fi/drama. I got the drama, not much sci-fi. It stars Ryan Phillipe (ie. Reese Weetherspoons(sp) ex). I would skip this only because you have to think a lot to make all the connections. It skips back and forth from reality to the mind of a crazy man. It has some visually beautiful shots when in crazy mind but that's about it.

So when your sick you'll watch just about anything. I thought I would be artsy and watch this foreign film. Picture City of Angels minus a plot. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I kept skipping forward looking for a plot. Mostly it was that scene in the library where angels are listening to people's thoughts. Boring really quick.

The Answer Man. I really liked this movie. The man character says the F word a bit, but other than that it is very funny. My guys liked it as well. Never heard of this one, just found it on Netflix. He is an author who wrote a famous book based on a conversation he had with God. Only now he has no life or at least has stopped living, plus he has no filter when communicating with people. I'd watch this again.

This is a, well I'm not sure. It is complex, compelling, sad, interesteing and so much more. This is a adult film, because of topics covered and suicide. But Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson are incrediable in this small movie. Watch this movie with an open mind, it is not a typical love story, there is no wow factor. It is not pretty to watch but it is a powerful story. It will make you ponder.

Last movie to review: The new Fame movie. Now you have to consider that I was a big fan of the origianal movie, but I had high hopes for this remake. Nope it sucks. It was high musical made in New York. No drama, no plot and a whole lot of who cares moments. The acting was awful, the performances were lame. When there was a song it felt like that created a moment because they needed to sing, it was so forced. And no one really had any talent. So boo on this remake.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Men are Vain

Last night I went out with a girlfriend and my man meet me at 9. We had a great time, and then this morning we had this conversation:

Him:   You didn't notice I got a haircut

Me:    Um you had a baseball cap on all night, how would I have known?

Him:   I don't have one on now.

Me:    Yes but it is 7 am and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet, back off romeo!

Him:    I just think you should have noticed (as he bends down for me to inspect this fantastic haircut)

Me:     (Touching his hair) Yes honey this is by far the best haircut you have ever had, wow!

Him:    Thank you, I really thought so. (walks away thinking he's all that)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mama Kat's Assignment

Mama Kat over at Mama's Losin It does these prompts for Thursdays to help keep the writing juices flowing. Which this week is a life savers. i have this cold given to me by my loving number one son. When I get sick I get the whole schabang (sp). I haven't even read blogs lately, hurts the head.

I am choosing to do 5.) Welcome to the most shocking rose ceremony in writing prompt history. Please award roses to the ten people (or items) in your life that you’d like to continue pursuing a relationship with.

1. My first rose would go to my husband. I think being married is always a work in progress. It is also something that must be actively pursued in order to stand the test of time.

2. Second - would be my daughter Jasmine. At 18 yo we are struggling to make the transition from child to adult and from parent to a friend.

3. Third - would be my daughter Savanna. At 17yo we have drifted apart and while I am sure we will find some middle ground eventually, right now tough love is the only way to go.

4. Fourth - would be my daughter Laurie and my granddaughter Ava. Being over 5000 miles away it is hard to maintain a relationship. It takes more effort than I would have thought. It is easy for both of us to get caught up in our own lives and forget about those not near us.

5. Fifth - My boys. 14, 13 and 10. They are a handful, two handfuls. I love and adore them more each day. I only hope that I can do right by them.

6. Sixth - My firend Darlene. We have been friends for a long time and have seen each other through a lot of ups and downs. But being friends, good friends takes work and time. It easy to assume that friendships are just a natural part of your life and not give them the attention they deserve.

7. Seventh - Myself. I want to actively pursue knowing myself better. I want to let go of the weight and the being scared to try new things.

8. Eighth - Blogging. I want to be a better blogger. I want to be more creative in the blogs I write.

9. Nineth - Debt. I want to pursue being closer to being out of debt. We are on the right track and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we just need a bit more to get us there.

10. Tenth - Lastly I would like to pursue my career. I thought I wanted to be a teacher but lately I have been having second thoughts. I would like to pursue clarity about what I am doing in college and where I want to be when I'm done.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I have a cold

This is not a creative and poetic post. This is I am miserable and want to whine post. I won't bore you with detail I have a cold. A cold which my loving son thought he should share because he doesn't see the need to cover his mouth when he coughs or sneezes. And I know he never washes his hands.

So here I sit looking like shit, blowing my nose, coughing and watching bad tv and even worse movies. Life sucks. I have to go back to school next Wednesday and this is not how I wanted to spend the rest of my Christmas break!

Ok now I've vented, I feel better. Back to the couch with the remote and some tea.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Movies time! I actually went to the movies to see my first review - hugh treat!

My man and I were really excited to see this movie. We both like Downey and we both like Sherlock Holmes so this seemed like a no brainer to us. We wanted to see it on the big screen because some movies should just been seen big. When it was over neither one of us could say for sure that we loved it. We liked it but there was something about the movie that let us down(My man actually nodded, only for a moment though). Not sure what it was only I left thinking that there should have been more of something, Again don't ask me what, it was a fine movie but if I were going to recommend it which I would I would tell you to rent the dvd and save some money.

I'm not sure how I want to rate this movie. It is slow, disturbing and poigant(sp). There is a lot of nudity, male and female in the beginning of this movie. And since the sex is between a older woman and a 15-16 yo boy it can be difficult to watch. It is a different take on the holicaust and it has an emotional impact but it is a quiet story. I will recommend it but not for young children because of the nudity and the love scenes.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Sign That I'm Getting Old

I never really considered being 44 old. I would have those reflective moments wondering how does one know they are getting old. I still feel young inside, even though I know the packaging is changing, my brain feels the same.

And then last night it hit home - I am getting older-.

Here's the scoop, I went over to my friends house with the intentions of getting drunk (not something I do everyday - so it should have been easy). I brought tequila for margaritas (I need spell check), and then Bailey's, Kailua and Grand Marnier (two each of the small one person bottles) to make shots. We both have two shots and two margaritas (made with more tequila than mix) and nothing. I got there at 7 and left at 11:30. Really! My party days are over! How unfair is that.

Just for the record if I had gotten drunk my hubby would have come to get me, luckily my friend only lives around the corner. I did have a good time we played cards and talked but it is sad to say there was no stupidity or pictures of embarrassing moments that I can share with you. Alas I am a boring partier, so sad, so true.

For those if you who would want to see pictures of me having a good time, this is what I would have looked like if I had gotten drunk and wild!

Friday, January 8, 2010


I don't really have a mouse story, I just was inspried to share this video because over at A Nut in a Nutshell she is talking about mice invasions and I can relate. These are the first videos I ever watched on my first computer back in 1995. I still like them and they bring a smile to my face whenever I come across them.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Men have Mood Swings Too

Why is it ok for a man to be moody? If you ask them what's wrong they grunt "nothing". Meanwhile, since there is nothing wrong they growl and bark when spoken too.

I think I need to give my husband one of these buttons. Not for me because I know when he is in a funk but for himself, so he will stop saying he isn't. (growling and hissing).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life's Bumps in the Road

Yesterday I attended a funeral for a 19 year old young man that I have known since he was 5. He was a member of the National Coast Guard. On December 28th he was returning from Oregon to Idaho, he was to be transfered to VA. It was icy and snowing and he rolled his car and died.

It was a difficult day for a variety of reasons but inparticular one very selfish reason. In October of 09 my then 16 yo daughter rolled her car trying to get home quickly because she was somewhere she shouldn't have been and didn't want to get caught. I was at the emergency room with my son at the time, who had an unknown virus attcking his body, when I get a call from another county hosiptal that my daughter is on her way there from the accident. She was fine, not a scratch on her, the towing yard told us that the car was so smashed that it was half of its size. He also told us he had no idea how anyone could have survived.

I looked at the casket of this young man who had so much going right in his life and asked the question that everyone asks at a funeral - why? I am grateful that Savanna survived, I just wish she didn't take it for granted that she was given a second chance.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Go Bronco's!!!!

That's right I am a college student at

Not really sure where that came from, I don't even like football much. But I felt like I should do my part to spread the cheer since BSU is in the

Game is on here starting at 6pm and yes I will be watching, eating and most importantly reading blogs!
Go Bronco's!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


We are all big movie fans here at my house, so occasionally I think I will share some of the winners and losers of our movie experience.  This week we watched:

This was ok, no one in the house is a super fan but we've seen them all. I didn't like this one as much as the previous only because this is the first one that doesn't finish it's story line. In all the others he killed a snake, one a race, etc. But this movie ends like a sequel and I didn't like that.

G-Force will not win any Oscars but it won't make the worst movie ever made list either. When I asked my man if he liked it  he said it was ok and that the time went by fast. Which is a thumbs up when you are watching a kids movie. Nicolas Cage does one of the voices and you would never know it until the credits at the end.

I really liked this movie. Zech (14yo) told us about it after they watched part of it in one of his classes. Warning it is long, 3 hours and if your children still believe in Santa Claus then don't watch it. This movie is a cross between The Nightmare Before Christmas (no singing though) and think Sci Fi channels Tin Man or Alice and add a little Harry Potter. It has Death, Wizards, monsters, good guys, bad guys and Christmas all rolled in one. This movie is going on our movies we watch at Christmas time list!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

All alone in a house full of boys

I wasn't going to post today, but I am hiding out in my room because my house has been taken over by 4 teenage boys and one one non-teenage boy (who is being pouty). My man is at a coaches clinic (coaches the jr. high ski team). The poor thing has to be up on the mountain in meetings for one hour and then ski the rest of the day - alone!

While I sit here I can hear my pantry door opening and closing, I think they are eating everything I just bought yesterday.

I was doing really well on excerising everyday until the man stayed home from work yesterday and then today my livingroom has been taken over....I think I am losing my superhero strength of will.

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Day of the New Years

I was clicking through by brain for something whitty to write about on this grand frist day of the new year but all my vaults are empty. I was going to tell you how much my man grosses me out when he has a cold. You know he has some mucus and then feels the need every 10 minutes to hack up his lung and spit it out. But I think I'll try to find something not so unpleasant to talk about. Nope nothing comes to mind so I'm going to borrow Candice's idea (thanks). Here are some photo's from 2009 that make me feel good.
Jasmine and Savanna having a bonding moment

Jasmine's Senior picture


My man!

Zech and Jacob(brotherly love)

Breakfast for the guys (vacation time)

Dad and his princesses

The gang is all here!

Bonding moment!