Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Movie's

The thing about being sick is you watch a lot of movies, both winners and losers. Here are the movies I watched while sick:

This first move is called Franklyn. It is rated R, I would say for language and attempted suicides. This is also suppose to be a sci-fi/drama. I got the drama, not much sci-fi. It stars Ryan Phillipe (ie. Reese Weetherspoons(sp) ex). I would skip this only because you have to think a lot to make all the connections. It skips back and forth from reality to the mind of a crazy man. It has some visually beautiful shots when in crazy mind but that's about it.

So when your sick you'll watch just about anything. I thought I would be artsy and watch this foreign film. Picture City of Angels minus a plot. I couldn't watch the whole thing. I kept skipping forward looking for a plot. Mostly it was that scene in the library where angels are listening to people's thoughts. Boring really quick.

The Answer Man. I really liked this movie. The man character says the F word a bit, but other than that it is very funny. My guys liked it as well. Never heard of this one, just found it on Netflix. He is an author who wrote a famous book based on a conversation he had with God. Only now he has no life or at least has stopped living, plus he has no filter when communicating with people. I'd watch this again.

This is a, well I'm not sure. It is complex, compelling, sad, interesteing and so much more. This is a adult film, because of topics covered and suicide. But Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson are incrediable in this small movie. Watch this movie with an open mind, it is not a typical love story, there is no wow factor. It is not pretty to watch but it is a powerful story. It will make you ponder.

Last movie to review: The new Fame movie. Now you have to consider that I was a big fan of the origianal movie, but I had high hopes for this remake. Nope it sucks. It was high musical made in New York. No drama, no plot and a whole lot of who cares moments. The acting was awful, the performances were lame. When there was a song it felt like that created a moment because they needed to sing, it was so forced. And no one really had any talent. So boo on this remake.


  1. I'm so bummed about Fame not being good. For a while there all the musical remakes were great. I want to see Blind Date now!

  2. We were home sick too! Lots of tv. Hope you are feeling better!