Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Sign That I'm Getting Old

I never really considered being 44 old. I would have those reflective moments wondering how does one know they are getting old. I still feel young inside, even though I know the packaging is changing, my brain feels the same.

And then last night it hit home - I am getting older-.

Here's the scoop, I went over to my friends house with the intentions of getting drunk (not something I do everyday - so it should have been easy). I brought tequila for margaritas (I need spell check), and then Bailey's, Kailua and Grand Marnier (two each of the small one person bottles) to make shots. We both have two shots and two margaritas (made with more tequila than mix) and nothing. I got there at 7 and left at 11:30. Really! My party days are over! How unfair is that.

Just for the record if I had gotten drunk my hubby would have come to get me, luckily my friend only lives around the corner. I did have a good time we played cards and talked but it is sad to say there was no stupidity or pictures of embarrassing moments that I can share with you. Alas I am a boring partier, so sad, so true.

For those if you who would want to see pictures of me having a good time, this is what I would have looked like if I had gotten drunk and wild!

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  1. I feel as pathetic about it as you are. I'm your age so we're sister losers. ;)