Saturday, January 16, 2010

Men are Vain

Last night I went out with a girlfriend and my man meet me at 9. We had a great time, and then this morning we had this conversation:

Him:   You didn't notice I got a haircut

Me:    Um you had a baseball cap on all night, how would I have known?

Him:   I don't have one on now.

Me:    Yes but it is 7 am and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet, back off romeo!

Him:    I just think you should have noticed (as he bends down for me to inspect this fantastic haircut)

Me:     (Touching his hair) Yes honey this is by far the best haircut you have ever had, wow!

Him:    Thank you, I really thought so. (walks away thinking he's all that)


  1. My husband does the same thing, but can't get him to say anything when I get four inches cut off my hair. But, if I don't notice he's is a 1/4 inch shorter, his feelings get hurt. I have to laugh.

  2. You tell us, then don't show us a pic of the fantastic haircut?

    Where's the justice?