Sunday, January 3, 2010


We are all big movie fans here at my house, so occasionally I think I will share some of the winners and losers of our movie experience.  This week we watched:

This was ok, no one in the house is a super fan but we've seen them all. I didn't like this one as much as the previous only because this is the first one that doesn't finish it's story line. In all the others he killed a snake, one a race, etc. But this movie ends like a sequel and I didn't like that.

G-Force will not win any Oscars but it won't make the worst movie ever made list either. When I asked my man if he liked it  he said it was ok and that the time went by fast. Which is a thumbs up when you are watching a kids movie. Nicolas Cage does one of the voices and you would never know it until the credits at the end.

I really liked this movie. Zech (14yo) told us about it after they watched part of it in one of his classes. Warning it is long, 3 hours and if your children still believe in Santa Claus then don't watch it. This movie is a cross between The Nightmare Before Christmas (no singing though) and think Sci Fi channels Tin Man or Alice and add a little Harry Potter. It has Death, Wizards, monsters, good guys, bad guys and Christmas all rolled in one. This movie is going on our movies we watch at Christmas time list!


  1. We are big movie watchers also. I would rather sit at home and watch a movie than spend a gazillion dollars on the theatre.
    We did go see a few movies over the holidays. I loved loved the new Sherlock Holmes. Nothing compairs to AVATAR.Not really a kid movie but worth the almost 3 hours at the theatre.
    I watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. I ws a big Harry Potter fan this one I didn't really care for. To dark. I like watching movies with the kids and grandkids.
    G-Force was awesome to watch with the grandkdis. We all really enjoyed it. Hogfather is a favorite of my 11 year old grandaughter.

  2. Don't you want the wand and the spell that puts everything in its place in the house?

    Where can I get one!

    I'll have to look for Hogfather, I think The Boy might like that one.