Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life's Bumps in the Road

Yesterday I attended a funeral for a 19 year old young man that I have known since he was 5. He was a member of the National Coast Guard. On December 28th he was returning from Oregon to Idaho, he was to be transfered to VA. It was icy and snowing and he rolled his car and died.

It was a difficult day for a variety of reasons but inparticular one very selfish reason. In October of 09 my then 16 yo daughter rolled her car trying to get home quickly because she was somewhere she shouldn't have been and didn't want to get caught. I was at the emergency room with my son at the time, who had an unknown virus attcking his body, when I get a call from another county hosiptal that my daughter is on her way there from the accident. She was fine, not a scratch on her, the towing yard told us that the car was so smashed that it was half of its size. He also told us he had no idea how anyone could have survived.

I looked at the casket of this young man who had so much going right in his life and asked the question that everyone asks at a funeral - why? I am grateful that Savanna survived, I just wish she didn't take it for granted that she was given a second chance.


  1. His death is tragic, but it may help remind others to drive more safely when it's icy.

    I know this is small comfort.

    And I hope your daughter learned her lesson, and understands how lucky she has been.

  2. I wonder if deep down she really did get the message. I hope so. Life is entirely too fleeting.

  3. It's part of being young...feeling like nothing can touch you. All we can do is pray that they make it through that stage in life without getting hurt. I pray daily for my 17 year old son to stay safe. He needs all the help he can get, the moron. I say moron with love. Most of the time.

  4. I can't believe you had a son at one hospital and a daughter on her way to another. That's awful and unimaginable.

    I rolled my car (7 times) on the highway a few years back. My side of the car was crushed. They said I survived because I was knocked unconscious by something in the car. Later, I realized I had my rock collection next to me when I rolled. Very, very lucky.