Friday, January 1, 2010

First Day of the New Years

I was clicking through by brain for something whitty to write about on this grand frist day of the new year but all my vaults are empty. I was going to tell you how much my man grosses me out when he has a cold. You know he has some mucus and then feels the need every 10 minutes to hack up his lung and spit it out. But I think I'll try to find something not so unpleasant to talk about. Nope nothing comes to mind so I'm going to borrow Candice's idea (thanks). Here are some photo's from 2009 that make me feel good.
Jasmine and Savanna having a bonding moment

Jasmine's Senior picture


My man!

Zech and Jacob(brotherly love)

Breakfast for the guys (vacation time)

Dad and his princesses

The gang is all here!

Bonding moment!


  1. What a beautiful family you have!!! Hey, you're missing from those photos! No fair!

    Happy New Year!! I am SO glad you're blogging again!!! :)

  2. Great pics...and blueviolet is right, where the heck are YOU in the pics? Let someone else hold the camera sometime!

  3. Hey, my man has a cold and is hacking too! We can feel comfort knowing that we are not alone in our feeling grossed out! :)

  4. Beautiful family! So ummm, how did you get those kids to have bonding moments? Stick dollar bills all over their shirts? Tell them if they hugged for 5 seconds you would buy them something shiny?