Thursday, December 31, 2009

Problem Solving

I'm always telling my son Sean when there is a problem he needs to come up with a solution. Usually he just bemoans that there is a problem. Yesterday we got some snow. I sent Jacob and Sean to go shovel our walkways and go to the little old lady (widow) on the corner and do her house as well. Great they both happily went outside (they like snow). Sean comes back:

Sean:  We only have one shovel.
Me:     Go borrow the neighbors.
Sean:   He's using it.
Me.     How about the other neighbors?
Sean:   Not home.
Me.     Come up with a solution to the problem!
Sean:   How about you give me a can of hairspray and some matches, or a lighter would be fine.

I suppose I should be grateful that at least he came up with a solution!


  1. What a solution it was. Happy New Year

  2. Sounds like something my son would say. What are we to do with these kids?

  3. Well, it's a solution. Not the best one...but at least he's a thinker. ;)

    I thought you deleted your blog. I have checked before and there was nothing. Or was I going nuts??

    I was so happy to see your name today! :)

    I'm following now!

  4. Very creative, dangerous, but creative!