Saturday, December 5, 2009


It is 8 am on a Saturday and I am off to watch at least 5 hours of wrestling. Why? I know I gave birth to my boys and I am grateful they are active and enjoy and do well in sports by really Saturday? I want to get out of bed and lazily have a cup of coffee and well I don't know do something besides watch sports.
Ok I feel better now that I have said my peace. So here I go to put on my black and gold and go cheer my son on! After all I am very proud of him (I'd just rather still be in my PJ's).

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  1. I have to admit that one of the best things about my daughter graduating from high school, was the end to the early morning and late night soccer games. Take a thermos, wear sweats and bring along a blanket. Enjoy and good luck to your son in his game.