Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Three Days Before Christmas and I don't have Shit Done

Jacob (10) looks under the tree, does a gift count and says,

"There are no presents for me and there are 5 for Savanna (teenager who is making life hell for everyone) and you don't even like her. Is she your favorite now?

So I was thinking does gift count equal love or favoritism? I do remember Jasmine (second oldest) complaining gently that Jacob ususally makes out the best but does she take in to account that until this year he wa happy with $7 dollar toys, where as on her list she puts braces ($4000 - she only needs the botton and not that bad either), IPod (not sure, expensive) and a variety of other 18 yo needs.

But to be fair to poor Jacob I haven't bought him anything yet, but then I haven't bought Zech (14 yo) or even my husband (49) anything. Today is Tuesday and I am having breakfast at 10 ish with a friend, I might have time to go to two stores but Ihave to get home to clean the house because relatives from out of town are coming over for dinner. So when will I have time to equal up the gift ratio? Probably not until Christmas Eve - I hope!


  1. Thanks for becoming a follower...now it's my turn!

    How brave of you to put presents under the tree before Christmas? I'd never do that, it would have tempted the ruffians to peek, and give them time to make a proper accounting of who was making out the best.

    Now it's gift cards for the grownup children, so we only buy for the youngest, and for the grandkids. And we stick to a budget, for the most part.

    With my youngest, The Boy, I made the rule that he could only ask for five things (more would not fit on the sleigh), and that since Santa was funding this operation, I would decide what was too much, moneywise.

    It worked great - and the tyke would only ask for FOUR gifts, and ask Santa to bring me books...sweet.

  2. Ah, the dreaded gift ratio. Aidan is 7 and has already done the gift count thing. What he doesn't realize is that Lego's are 100 bucks a set. If he doesn't like it I'll gladly donate them to charity.

    Kids can be so damn selfish sometimes.

    Nothing has changed since I was a kid. ;)