Monday, December 7, 2009


So this is the last week of school, and then next week is finals week. I have two portfolios to get done, one take home test and three finals tests. I am starting to feel a little overwelmed. This is my third semester, that makes five more to go.

What's killing me is I had to take this math class for my degree and it is math logic. Can I just say that I have not seen the logic yet! Tomorrow I have to give a presentation about how the Chaos Theory is connected to my English major - IT"S NOT.

What really gets me is that I can not seem to get anything but a high C in the class. Ok so I'm not alone in the grade department but still. I like getting A's, it is the way I am built. On his test if you got the right answer but show too little work or he thinks the work shown was not needed he marks you off. So I take his quizzes feeling pretty good, only to come back and get a C.

I know, I know, get over it. Pass the class and move on, really I am trying to do just that. Two more classes and the final, then I'll move on.

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