Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday MyMan and one son went to a local nursery that has large showrooms of Christmas decorations. We go there once a year to buy a special ornament or two and just to soak in large amounts of the holiday. It helps me get in the mood. My other two wonderful boys opted to stay home and they agreed to do a few chores, how nice. Upon our arrival home, Zech (the oldest) has Jacob (the youngest) in the dog kennel in the back of dad's truck. He is locked in and the door is secured with tie downs. Ok funny, no harm done, no chores done either.

Phase two I walk into my house and break down in tears. Why? Because while by two wonderful sons were bonding, they left the three big dogs in the house, who were also bonding over the Christmas presents and the ornaments on the tree. After the tears subsided and inventory was taken of the damage it wasn't all that bad. Only $20 worth of gifts and a few ornaments broken so overall it was ok. I had to apologize to Zech because I'm sure between the tears and the glares he felt pretty bad. I didn't want to ruin Christmas for any of us over a few lost gidts.

Later that evening we made hot cider, fudge, nutty muddies and sandwiches and rode out to find some sweet Christmas light displays. After about an hour we came home because sadly light displays must be a thing of the past. My Man wanted to watch a Christmas movie so using Netflix he wanted to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas (he said it had the word Christmas in it ?) that was quickly turned off. The boys then watched Terminator Salvation? and I went to bed. Another year for memories, I'm happy!


  1. oh mama wheaton sorry to hear about your ornament and present loss-doggers are something else, i own one that you hafta keep a close eye on as well...

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas

  2. You must be the best mom on the planet. Because there would be no apologizing coming from me in that situation! lol

    p.s. I once told my kid to climb into the dog crate and then locked him inside it. Then I laughed and laughed. Yeah, I'm a great mom too.

  3. Around here, every other house has a light display. It's kind of overkill, I almost miss when I was younger and you had to search for them!
    Thanks so much for joining in the Weekend WrapUp!