Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adding to the Receipe of Life

Day two of cooking something new and I made this Mexican casserole. Not to hard, I have made one in the past. Here's my problem I have a hard time following a receipe. I always think it needs a bit more of this or that. Sometimes I really do improve the meal other times like last night I make it soup. THe meat mixture looked a bit dry and since my brain said "Hey this has to bake with dry tortiallas it needs more moisture." I listened and added water, too much. It probably didn't need any but well I know best. So while the casserole tasted fine it was rather wet. Also since while I was cooking I was chugging homemade egg nog (didn't want all that brandy and rum to go to waste) I chopped the green peppers gather big, more like giant chunks, whole bites in themselves. I'm not a hugh fan of cooked green pepper and neither is the rest of the family so I got some looks, but we all ate it and survived.

The other thing I made was pretzel bark. This was very good but hardly worth the money when you consider the cost of semi-sweet baking squares and then the amount it made. But for making it once it was good. Neither receipe though is going to make it into my new receipe book.

Oh yeah no cooking tonight it is my 19th Anniversary!

The weight issue is going well. I worked on again on Wii but while I ate well I think all the egg nog might have held me back. Good news is there is no more homemade egg nog in the frig!

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  1. I love trying new things, and I always add my own little touches too. With mixed results. ;o)