Thursday, December 24, 2009


I actually did two things which I am about to brag to all of you out there in the blogosphere galaxy (which in my little galaxy is about two people but that's ok).

1) Yesterday I braved shopping with my man. I was very impressed because we went to the dreaded Walmart (I got a Wii - yeah, except he is making me wrap it for Christmas, and I so wanted to play the bowling game lasst night. He is asleep now I wonder if I could sneak it out of the room, set it up and play and have it all put back before he wakes up?). Then it was off to Best Buy, downtown to the Army Store and lastly to the ....mall. The mall was his idea. We were done after the Army Surplus store but, now get this, he said it wasn't Christmas unless we walked the mall. Uh? Here's what I think was his motivation, he hasn't shopped for me yet. Sean was with us and they had me going in all my favorite shops and kept asking me what I liked, not very sutble, but sweet. So the guys are going out today for some "last minute stuff".

2) This one is all about me, I'm being straight up about how I want to brag to the whole world. All my grades are finally posted and I have 5-A's and 1-B. So I made the dean's list again, which is only a piece of paper but its mine. Now the reason I have to brag about it here is that my family is like so? They tell me when it comes to school I am an overachiever, and they expect me to do well since I have a fit if I miss a question on a test plus during the 16 weeks of school all I do is study. Well that may be but I'd still like them to be shocked and surprised and then extremely proud! Instead I just get "Of course you did, duh?" I'd surprise them by getting a C but then I would be miserable and want to quit and my life would have to come to an end, so I am better off with their current frame of mind.

So there you have it, in the last few moments of 2009 I had some great moments.

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  1. It's sweet that your men folk were trying to be gift sneaky. Congrats on the grades, awesome job!