Thursday, December 31, 2009

Problem Solving

I'm always telling my son Sean when there is a problem he needs to come up with a solution. Usually he just bemoans that there is a problem. Yesterday we got some snow. I sent Jacob and Sean to go shovel our walkways and go to the little old lady (widow) on the corner and do her house as well. Great they both happily went outside (they like snow). Sean comes back:

Sean:  We only have one shovel.
Me:     Go borrow the neighbors.
Sean:   He's using it.
Me.     How about the other neighbors?
Sean:   Not home.
Me.     Come up with a solution to the problem!
Sean:   How about you give me a can of hairspray and some matches, or a lighter would be fine.

I suppose I should be grateful that at least he came up with a solution!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Date Night

We celebrated our 19th Anniversary last night! We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and then went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. It was good but I kept expected something else or maybe something more? Anyway watch it at home it is at least that good.

We got snow last night so at least two of the boys will be busy today. I have worked out now 4 days in a row, that has to be a record for me.

This is kind of a ramblin blog today but hey that's ok it's mine to ramble in. Here's my grip from yesterday. We had eye appointments for my boys and the lady at the front desk was a bitch! That's right I said bitch (felt good too!). I was having some scheduling issues with Zech because he has wreatling two times a day this week and the other two have commiments as well. She was just rude that I brought Zech in instead of Sean, and was all put out because she had to go to another pile of files on the desk and get his out and put Sean's in it's place (this took less than 30 seconds). The whole time I am there she is giving me this look - like I was second class or dirty (I showered). So we are suppose to go back today for the other two and well I'm not going. I'm going to find a different eye place, I did try to call at 7:30 am but they don't have an aswering machine, so to bad. Well I feel better now that I got that off my chest. Time to go slim down with Wii!.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adding to the Receipe of Life

Day two of cooking something new and I made this Mexican casserole. Not to hard, I have made one in the past. Here's my problem I have a hard time following a receipe. I always think it needs a bit more of this or that. Sometimes I really do improve the meal other times like last night I make it soup. THe meat mixture looked a bit dry and since my brain said "Hey this has to bake with dry tortiallas it needs more moisture." I listened and added water, too much. It probably didn't need any but well I know best. So while the casserole tasted fine it was rather wet. Also since while I was cooking I was chugging homemade egg nog (didn't want all that brandy and rum to go to waste) I chopped the green peppers gather big, more like giant chunks, whole bites in themselves. I'm not a hugh fan of cooked green pepper and neither is the rest of the family so I got some looks, but we all ate it and survived.

The other thing I made was pretzel bark. This was very good but hardly worth the money when you consider the cost of semi-sweet baking squares and then the amount it made. But for making it once it was good. Neither receipe though is going to make it into my new receipe book.

Oh yeah no cooking tonight it is my 19th Anniversary!

The weight issue is going well. I worked on again on Wii but while I ate well I think all the egg nog might have held me back. Good news is there is no more homemade egg nog in the frig!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Life and Goals

I watched Julia & Julie the other night, this time with my man. There is a scene where Julie is deciding how long to blog for and she states that she has to have a goal otherwise it will never get accomplished. I had a light bulb moment that I an rigged the same way. I have all these half done craft projects and home projects and even my dieting is always being put off for some other new idea. When I work for someone else I am very organized and prompt but in my own home I am neither.

So on Saturday my man bought me a Wii fit to go with my new Wii. Since my next semester of school I go on Mon., Wed., and Friday and I get home before the kids there are no more road blocks in that department. Besides it really is fun!

Second I don't know about anyone else but I have a lot of cooking magazines and cookbooks, that well I never use or maybe there is one receipe in them I like. Starting yesterday I began cooking through the magazines and it too was fun. I made these really yummy, easy ham sandwiches with baked beans (canned not a receipe) and water gate salad. The salad was ok with the family (we took a vote) but the sandwiches were a hit. They are made on rolls, mayo inside with ham, red onion and a slice of chedder. Here's the really good part, you melt butter and stri in some djion mustard. Spread that on the top of the rolls and sprinkle with poppy seeds, then bake in oven until warmed up. I made two 9 x 13 pans (about 24). It took no time and would be a great way to serve a warm sandwich at a small party.

Keep checking back and I will continue to let you know about my progress in both my weight (according to Wii and I think it is right I am obese - so there is work to be done), my conquering of cookbooks and any other hurtles I may over come in the coming year! (why doesn't this have spell check :-(   )

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I actually did two things which I am about to brag to all of you out there in the blogosphere galaxy (which in my little galaxy is about two people but that's ok).

1) Yesterday I braved shopping with my man. I was very impressed because we went to the dreaded Walmart (I got a Wii - yeah, except he is making me wrap it for Christmas, and I so wanted to play the bowling game lasst night. He is asleep now I wonder if I could sneak it out of the room, set it up and play and have it all put back before he wakes up?). Then it was off to Best Buy, downtown to the Army Store and lastly to the ....mall. The mall was his idea. We were done after the Army Surplus store but, now get this, he said it wasn't Christmas unless we walked the mall. Uh? Here's what I think was his motivation, he hasn't shopped for me yet. Sean was with us and they had me going in all my favorite shops and kept asking me what I liked, not very sutble, but sweet. So the guys are going out today for some "last minute stuff".

2) This one is all about me, I'm being straight up about how I want to brag to the whole world. All my grades are finally posted and I have 5-A's and 1-B. So I made the dean's list again, which is only a piece of paper but its mine. Now the reason I have to brag about it here is that my family is like so? They tell me when it comes to school I am an overachiever, and they expect me to do well since I have a fit if I miss a question on a test plus during the 16 weeks of school all I do is study. Well that may be but I'd still like them to be shocked and surprised and then extremely proud! Instead I just get "Of course you did, duh?" I'd surprise them by getting a C but then I would be miserable and want to quit and my life would have to come to an end, so I am better off with their current frame of mind.

So there you have it, in the last few moments of 2009 I had some great moments.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Three Days Before Christmas and I don't have Shit Done

Jacob (10) looks under the tree, does a gift count and says,

"There are no presents for me and there are 5 for Savanna (teenager who is making life hell for everyone) and you don't even like her. Is she your favorite now?

So I was thinking does gift count equal love or favoritism? I do remember Jasmine (second oldest) complaining gently that Jacob ususally makes out the best but does she take in to account that until this year he wa happy with $7 dollar toys, where as on her list she puts braces ($4000 - she only needs the botton and not that bad either), IPod (not sure, expensive) and a variety of other 18 yo needs.

But to be fair to poor Jacob I haven't bought him anything yet, but then I haven't bought Zech (14 yo) or even my husband (49) anything. Today is Tuesday and I am having breakfast at 10 ish with a friend, I might have time to go to two stores but Ihave to get home to clean the house because relatives from out of town are coming over for dinner. So when will I have time to equal up the gift ratio? Probably not until Christmas Eve - I hope!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday MyMan and one son went to a local nursery that has large showrooms of Christmas decorations. We go there once a year to buy a special ornament or two and just to soak in large amounts of the holiday. It helps me get in the mood. My other two wonderful boys opted to stay home and they agreed to do a few chores, how nice. Upon our arrival home, Zech (the oldest) has Jacob (the youngest) in the dog kennel in the back of dad's truck. He is locked in and the door is secured with tie downs. Ok funny, no harm done, no chores done either.

Phase two I walk into my house and break down in tears. Why? Because while by two wonderful sons were bonding, they left the three big dogs in the house, who were also bonding over the Christmas presents and the ornaments on the tree. After the tears subsided and inventory was taken of the damage it wasn't all that bad. Only $20 worth of gifts and a few ornaments broken so overall it was ok. I had to apologize to Zech because I'm sure between the tears and the glares he felt pretty bad. I didn't want to ruin Christmas for any of us over a few lost gidts.

Later that evening we made hot cider, fudge, nutty muddies and sandwiches and rode out to find some sweet Christmas light displays. After about an hour we came home because sadly light displays must be a thing of the past. My Man wanted to watch a Christmas movie so using Netflix he wanted to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas (he said it had the word Christmas in it ?) that was quickly turned off. The boys then watched Terminator Salvation? and I went to bed. Another year for memories, I'm happy!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daughter in Crisis

I have a 17 yo daughter is crisis, which of course means the family is in crisis, or maybe it is just me. Twice in the last 2 years (the last one was this October) she has snuck away to be with older guys. The last time she got caught because I needed her to get home because I was taking, oh what the hell do the detail really matter. She totaled her car on the way home. So now she is without a car (which we helped pay for), we took her phone and according to her this mess in her life is all our fault.

She is in counseling, it started a few weeks ago. But every day she goes toe to toe with me or her father. Things got really bad on Friday and she has been in her room ever since. Which I encourage because I just see red when I see her. The things she said to her father and I, never would I have expected them from her. She wants to move out and as awful as it makes me seem, there are times when I think it woukd be best for her. She seems to think her life would be a bed of roses if she could just get away.

I'm venting now because I an at a total loss. I thought we were good parents. We love our kids.We would do anything within our power to help them. And now my stomach is in knots, I'm angry, Christmas just needs to come and go. But I can't feel this way all the time, I have 3 young men still growing in the house.

I need to find my place again as a mom or I think I might go crazy with grief.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Three semesters down and five more to go! Friday was so werid to get up and not have to go to school or study or write a paper. I manage to put up the tree finally and get some Christmas shopping done. Though I am still struggling with getting in the mood of the season.

Maybe I should try to bake something festive or pull out my Christams CD's? If anyone has any suggestions how to get the Christmas engine started this late in the game let me know?

A side not Sean went to state yesterday (wrestling), first time, it is his first year wrestling and took home 5th. Nice medal, he also brought home a wrestling catalog with $130 wrestling shoes and other niffty accessories he'd like to find under the tree, uh probably not, maybe I can find something less expensive online.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Writing Under Pressure

Last night I had to do a rewrite on a short story fiction piece, the problem is I like the story as it is. My instructor says it needs more conflict, yada yada. Why is it that when a professor tells you to write a short story 10-12 pages long, then when he critques it he wants you to add all this other information, that would seem to defeat the purpose of a short story.

After I did some editing, not much. I emailed it to my friend who called me and said she loved it and thought it was very funny and true to life. Here's my problem she's my friend so would she tell me if it wasn't any good? I'm not talking about wow this should be published good, just good enough as it is, written from a no-writing person. The piece is too long to post all of it here but I wanted to put a little bit. This is written as a seven day journal entry, written from a housewife's point of view.

The Best Part of Me


Expertly chiseled, bronzed to perfection, flawless, and he was all mine. The gods themselves could not have made a finer specimen. He came towards me, taking my hand, pressing my palm to his all too perfect lips. I trembled with anticipation. He leaned down, cupping my neck; I knew this would be the most absolutely perfect kiss. He smiled and said,

“Mommy, Mommy, Justin hit me!”

Just like that the daydream was over. My ten year old son had once again interrupted my solitude because of some injustice being put upon him by one of his brothers. It’s amazing how easy it is for him to revert to acting like a three year old when he needs me to be on his side. Telling him to act his age seems to fall on deaf ears.

Still kneeling over the toilet with my cleaning brush in hand, I again reconsidered my plan to clean the toilets on Mondays. It seemed like a good idea to have a plan and attack, what I hated to do most first, but now looking up I notice the paint on the walls is badly chipping and the shower curtain should have been changed years ago, perhaps I should have saved the bathrooms for last. Hey, look there, I found my other earring. It does pay to sit on a floor and look around. Of course now I also see that I should never let my boys use my bathroom again. Do they really not know how to aim? How hard can it be, hold, aim and fire. The target is even big enough to stuff a soccer ball in to; I should know I’ve had to pry one out before.

Who came up with the term summer vacation? Who is it a vacation for? Not for moms, perhaps it is meant to be a break specifically for the teachers. Which I can completely understand, I have three students at home; I’m not sure what I would do with thirty for eight hours. Still I will have to do some great planning to keep them all busy for next three months. I need to plan for myself as well, what is I want to accomplish this summer, write a novel, lose weight, plant a garden or paint the house, the possibilities are endless.

I should get up and see if anyone really did get hurt in the ongoing battle (of epic proportion I’m sure). I love my kids don’t get me wrong but the name “Mom” well let’s just say it is way over used in this home. I do believe that every sentence starts with the word “Mom” and most often it will end with it, though usually in the latter it is said with attitude. I think all names get old after a while maybe that is why I get my kids’ names mixed up all the time, it’s not because I forget it is a secret plan of mine to stir things up and keep everyone on their toes. Mom is better than Shirley I have to admit, I am a mom not a grandma and my name has always reminded me of an old lady’s name. I want a young fresh name like Angelina or Scarlett now those names will cause some excitement in someone’s imagination.

Mondays are dull; though there is something about Monday’s I do look forward to and that is in four days I will have my date night with my main guy. You would think that Monday’s would bring some excitement, the promise of things to come, not the beginning of a long work week. I feel blessed not be part of the hustle of a nine to five job but I still put in my forty plus hours. There are parts of my day I get to look forward to like a few private moments cleaning a bathroom and daydreaming of romance and faraway places. I am a realist, so I do get that romance novels do not equal the real deal but wouldn’t it be nice. Not once in those dollar ninety-nine books, do people use the bathroom. Not one of those perfect men belch, fart or snore. Don’t forget the sex, it is to die for and last for hours, sometimes even days! The couple is never interrupted by screaming banshees’ (otherwise known as my children). They almost never have to eat, unless it is part of the great sex.

Slowly I get up from my cramped position between the tub and the toilet. Opening the bathroom door I do notice that it is way too quiet, something is horribly wrong. Carefully and probably too slowly (sparing myself for what’s to come) I go into the living room. There standing in the middle of the floor is the culprit, Justin, tied up and wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy. His eyes are screaming panic or murder, not really sure. I move to release him and think of something I should do first. Being a good mother I grab the camera and take a few photos. At this point I am fairly certain he is mad, of course it doesn’t help that the other two war criminals are now standing at the top of the stairs hurling down all kinds of encouragement and vague insults. I should be mad but I unravel the mummy and stuff the toilet paper in a garbage bag, calling the two mummifiers to the room, I handed them the bag and said they could use the toilet paper because we were not wasteful. Friday night better get here quick.

Monday, December 7, 2009


So this is the last week of school, and then next week is finals week. I have two portfolios to get done, one take home test and three finals tests. I am starting to feel a little overwelmed. This is my third semester, that makes five more to go.

What's killing me is I had to take this math class for my degree and it is math logic. Can I just say that I have not seen the logic yet! Tomorrow I have to give a presentation about how the Chaos Theory is connected to my English major - IT"S NOT.

What really gets me is that I can not seem to get anything but a high C in the class. Ok so I'm not alone in the grade department but still. I like getting A's, it is the way I am built. On his test if you got the right answer but show too little work or he thinks the work shown was not needed he marks you off. So I take his quizzes feeling pretty good, only to come back and get a C.

I know, I know, get over it. Pass the class and move on, really I am trying to do just that. Two more classes and the final, then I'll move on.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Very Proud

So for all the whinning I did yesterday (it was necessary after sitting in a gym for 12 hours) about giving up an entire day (again I wasn't briefed about the time requirement) I am here to say I am proud of my son. This is his first year wrestling and he placed 4th in his weight class. We had some emotional crisis moments when he lost his first match elimanating him from 1st or 2nd but between parents and coach explaining that we were all proud of him (he had high expectations) he turned positive and proud of his accomplishment. So now in two weeks we get to spend another whole day in a stadium with 18 mats watching wrestling all day again! Yeah!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


It is 8 am on a Saturday and I am off to watch at least 5 hours of wrestling. Why? I know I gave birth to my boys and I am grateful they are active and enjoy and do well in sports by really Saturday? I want to get out of bed and lazily have a cup of coffee and well I don't know do something besides watch sports.
Ok I feel better now that I have said my peace. So here I go to put on my black and gold and go cheer my son on! After all I am very proud of him (I'd just rather still be in my PJ's).

Friday, December 4, 2009


I am winding down my third semester of college. Yeah! If anyone stops by to see this new blog of mine I would appreciate it if you could take this survey for me. It is for my linguistics class and it is about dialects and accents. It is anonymous and I would very much appreciate the help.

I am looking forward to blogging again, it has been over a year since I pulled my page and I have missed it very much.