Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Feeling Bright and Shiney

I can't stop feeling sad. I try, I really try to be this happy bright and shiney person. It is who I want to be but I can't seem to get there. My relationship with my girls is far south from where I thought it would be. One won't even talk to us. My boys are good but they are busy all the time. We can't seem to get anywhere financially, my husband hasn;'t had any work since Christmas and now I sit here just crying. I think my springer spainel thinks I'm crazy. I was doing fine watching reruns of Grey's and then bamm I'm crying, I need a happy pill or a normal pill, how about I need to lose a gazillions of pounds pill, or I miss my girls pills.

Mostly i really want bright and shiney!


  1. Kids grow up and move out, and sometimes we don't agree. It sucks.

    I understand your financial frustrations, too. My hubby lost his job in August. My last fulltime job ended in Oct. 07.

    I think that things will start to improve once we leave winter behind. It won't be much longer.

    You can do it.

    It's hard when life isn't going the way we always imagined at a certain stage in life...it seems to be happening more and more nowadays.

  2. Wishing I could send you a virtual happy pill.....
    hang in there, I hope things get better soon!

  3. I am sorry! Things can get hard sometimes. I think, especially as Americans, we expect that we should always be happy, or something is wrong with us. Hang in there and this too shall pass.

  4. I am soooo sorry! I wish I could say the right thing to make it better!