Thursday, January 7, 2010

Men have Mood Swings Too

Why is it ok for a man to be moody? If you ask them what's wrong they grunt "nothing". Meanwhile, since there is nothing wrong they growl and bark when spoken too.

I think I need to give my husband one of these buttons. Not for me because I know when he is in a funk but for himself, so he will stop saying he isn't. (growling and hissing).


  1. Oh yes, then you'd know to avoid him until the button came off!

  2. Men have such a button - but it is designed to be handicap accessible. All you have to do is touch a man and the audible alert goes off. Emitting the famous (grumble ...grumble) NOTHING! (grumble ... grumble).
    If the alert doesn't sound, it is safe to proceed to conversation.

  3. I HATE it when I know something is bugging my hubs and he says 'nothing' when I ask what's wrong. I need one of those buttons too. or a stamp I can put on his forehead to warn every one around him.

  4. I think my husband takes so much crap at work that by the time he gets home he's ready to explode...and when he's in a mood...WATCH OUT!! I tell him if he acted like such a brat at work they'd fire him.

    NOT a good thing to say.