Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter has Arrived in Idaho

We have snow! Which of course is not a celebration for anyone except my husband. I think perhaps he was born on an ice cube. Just to capture the moment I went outside and took a picture of my weed. I know it is a tree but when it first started growing I insisted it was a weed and needed to be pulled and removed from my yard. My nature loving husband refused, claimed his manly right to till the ground as he sought fit and wahla! We have a tree!

Rick and Jasmine went skiing a few weekends back and I was so nervous about them spending the whole day together - alone! See Rick loves kid’s just not adolescent teenage stupidity. Jasmine loves herself and everyone around her. Life is the bomb for her and well sometimes the two of them clash about everything. So when he got home I casually asked how it went. Rick paused (I panicked) and then he said he was pleasantly surprised because they talked and laughed, he even went as far as to say he would go again - alone! Yeah a new milestone in father-daughter relationships has been reached!


  1. That's really great that they bonded out there skiiing!!!!!

  2. Beautiful snow, even though I'm sure you're tired of it. :)

    Glad your hubby and daughter had fun.

  3. Lovely pictures - everyone looks so happy and the snow is just lovely.

    Kate xx