Monday, February 22, 2010

George Washington's Birthday

Today is the George Washington's Birthday, which is great but it's not like I can send him a card or gift! So how do we celebrate the birthday of the someone is gone on before us (in his case way before me)? I'm all about history and keeping the next generation aware of the past but when it comes to holidays or days of celebration what are we suppose to do, we have lives and bills, where do we put this man's birthday into our daily schedule?

Here are some ideas to help you incorporate Mr....President Washington into your Monday.

1. Brush your teeth - yeah enough said!

2. No your limits - even Mr. Washington knew when to quit when he refused to run for a third term.

3. If you have a cold stop whinny it could be worse - Our president suffered from the following illnesses : malaria, smallpox, tuberculosis, malaria, dysentery and pneumonia

4. Always remember that no one is perfect - George Washington owned slaves.

5. Don't be so stubborn that you won't go to the doctor when you feel really sick - Our first president died from a throat infection.


  1. nice wisdom we can glean...better go brush my teeth now, cant imagine putting htose in my

  2. That is a neat post...not quite what we learned in school about him! In Philadelphia they're just uncovering more of his house...and learning more about his sly keeping of slaves (this was the NORTH!)

    Be thankful your kids didn't hear about Zhu Zhus.

  3. It's late. I know I need to go to sleep because all I can think about now is how gross it would be to kiss someone who was wearing those teeth. Poor Martha.