Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

Does anyone know how we are suppose to celebrate President's Day? Is there a special meal? Do we eat out or maybe a BBQ? From a reliable source aka the TV it would seem I am suppose to go spend money on items I probably don't need but hey they'll put it on creidt!

Here are some ideas from the web:

Step 1 - Bake a cherry pie. Or just eat one. Um well no one in my family likes cherry pie so that would seem like a waste of time and money.

Step 2 - Attend the Birthnight Ball in Alexandria, Va.  In British tradition, the birthday of the ruling monarch was celebrated with a ball. Now this sounds like fun! I wonder if I could still find a gown, a ride, a ticket, a prince and a fairy godmother.

Step 3 - Learn to dance a Virginia line dance. From who and where should I learn this special dance?

Step 4 - Read the Gettysburg Address in the quiet of your home. Now see I think this would much more fun to go stand on a corner and read it really loud, maybe have other people who stop and stare take over some of the reading.

Step 5 - Visit the Lincoln Memorial and Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. Take a tour of the Capitol and visit some of the other sites associated with Abraham Lincoln. I think who ever came up with this list of helpful ideas was relate to Bill Gates because they sure want be to travel at the last minute.

Step 6 - Make a Lincoln penny pendant.  Wear it to celebrate Lincoln's birthday. Or carry some pennies with you - easier and much handier for throwing in wishing wells.
Step 7 - Read the inaugural addresses of all the presidents. Really I think this might just suck all the fun out of this jolly holiday.

So there are some ideas but I'm open for better ideas if you have some.


  1. lol. these are hilarious...i dont know...i dont get off today either so...i guess i am celebrating by stimulating hte economy by dring around to my

  2. I absolutely loved Ford's Theater in DC. I think that was my very favorite place that I visited there!

  3. I could go for some cherry pie but I've already made cherry chip cupcakes. Will that do?

  4. Step 6? Remember all those smashed pennies you get as vacation souvenirs? I have gobs of them and want to make a bracelet with them. I could wear that on Presidents' Day. We did have cherry cheesecake, does that count?

  5. All great ideas...just wish had gotten the day off to celebrate!