Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mama Kat's Assignment

Which one will YOU choose?? Mama Kat has these writing assignments and most of the time I read them and then chicken out, you know worried it won't be funny or written well and then I had a moment (think light bulb) that this is my blog and I can write bad and not funny and it's ok, I'll do better next time!

5.) Write a poem to your love for Valentine’s Day. :)

The ground nurtures brown and cold,

the wind blows arduous and fierce.

Love will conquer all I’m told,

though today the battle seems to pierce-

I look for solid ground to stand

an anchor to shore me against the surge,

without much thought I take your hand

warm and strong, together we emerge.

Life has brought us here this far,

not perfect, not where we thought we’d be,

though perhaps here is where we are

together still, God heard our plea.

Now we walk towards our destiny,

two made one - by fate you see.


  1. Through good and bad, thick and thin, you're together! Very sweet!

  2. Oh my gosh. He is going to love it : ). Very beautiful! And I am in love with that picture. Gorgeous as can be! : )

  3. Beautiful! My poem would have to have a lot of words that rhyme with 'poop' and 'coffee.'
    You're very talented!

  4. i love your love poem...and would love to hear the response you get! smiles.

  5. I like how you know from the very first line this is not going to be a cliche. Very nice work.

  6. That was beautiful! The picture that you chose suited that poem pefectly.

    Great job!