Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Movies

Getting a little behind on my blogging but it isn't my fault. You know how you have a routine and then the men in your life screw it up by changing theirs - yep that's what happen. I'm supposed to have Saturday's to myself, for homework, blogging, computer games, bad TV, blogging and homework. This Saturday they were all home doing nothing which meant I did nothing because doing nothing is contagious! Been busy this week so only have a few movies to review.

Though I did get through another DVD of Grey's Anatomy and I watch an old Stargate Mini Movie but those aren't really review worthy.

So here’s my first movie. My man and middle guy took me to the movies Friday night and we saw the new Wolfman movie. For the record I wanted to see a chick movie but I was voted down, which seems really unfair considering I was the one asked out!

So this movie reminded me of the new Sherlock Holmes movies. Visually it is great to watch, there are lots of moon shots, and transformations from man to beast. The director also does a lot of time elisaping scenes to get you from one full moon to the next. I will say that Anthony Hopkins does not disaapoint, he is commanding in every shot and when he is cold, callous and just a bad man he is so very good. I would watch this at home if you like this genre, it does have its moments. It is also very bloody, really it is very bloody. The other thing is the movie does have three or four make you jump out of your seats moments, which are always fun, especially when you are not the only one!

I reserved this from Netflix for my guys but being that Saturday turned into a do nothing day I watched this. It was a who can beat each other up the worst possible way movie. The actors were old but technology made them look like they could still fight, It is a save the world by killing at least 100 people with gunfire and other means while their bullets never hit the good guy. Since I wouldn't really recommend this movie to anyone, I'm posting some eye-candy from a much younger Jean Claude-Van Damme for your viewing pleasure.


  1. its the guys fault. smiles. hope you had a great day anyway...cant wait to see the wolfman...even more now. hope you have a wonderful valentines!

  2. My men folk took me to the movies this weekend too. I finally got to see the Sherlock Holmes. I'm not a scary film fan, Wolfman looks too intense for me.

  3. I totally want to see the Wolf Man movie! I'm not so much of a chick flick girl.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. My son and his dad went to see Wolfman yesterday. He said he really liked it!