Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sagging or Jailin

Sagging (also referred to as low-riding in the United Kingdom) is a manner of wearing trousers (slacks, shorts, pants or jeans) below the waist, hanging around the buttock area. Sagging is predominantly a male fashion.

After my last post the whole idea of the pants falling off  kid's or adult's asses really bothered me. So being the student that I am, I set out to research this gross fashion trend. (Note to self I should be doing homework)

First it orginated in the prison system but the idea it was to let others know you were available for sex seems to be for the most part shot down as a myth but the jury is still out for me. The term is called sagging or jailin and it is because the prisoners are given outfits that were too big and they were not allowed to have belts for worries about suicide and using them for weapons.

Now I ask you what is attractive about this and worse he has a belt. Have you seen the way they have to walk. I was just asking my husband the other day if the way they walk would be permanent, you know their legs spread far apart to hold up the pants, can they walk normal after years of walking like they crapped in their pants?

See if his belt was around his waist the police officer would have known where to stop and start the search!


  1. I don't know why they think wearing their pants like that makes them look good...maybe they ARE advertising their availability, or perhaps they have dreams of ending up as an inmate.

  2. I just can not STAND that trend!!!