Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Movies

It is that time again where I get to share with you my guilty pleasure of watching movies, though once again I was bored with one and walked away from another but who knows they might be your cup of tea.

Our first movie is Fame (not the new one it sucked). I told my 13 yo that since he sat through the new version he should sit through the old one because it was so much better. Well perhaps it was 20 years ago! Can you snail’s pace and so dramatic. Also has anyone else noticed that they swore a lot in the 80’s? Lots of booby shots, boys spying on girls in the locker room stuff. And to be the honest the dancing and singing really weren't that much better than the new one. A big disappointment to my memory physic should have left it alone.

Next we have Nine. A bit slow but sweet. Loyalty, end of the world, etc., etc., of course we humans kill our self’s and now there is no one left. So the ending for me was weird because if these little machines breathed into life survives so what?

Next is Final Destination (who cares about the number). I will admit I am a fan of one and two. But this one is nothing more than how many ways can I gross the audience out with ways to die, over and over and over and over. This is the one I left about 20 minutes into the show. No plot, no suspension just repetitive dying.

Last but kind of least is Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. I was bored, there I said it. Yes it is a feel good movie and yes it has some great moments but most of it was dull. I did like the father and the camera man who knows how to do everything. The best scene is at the end between the father and the son. I would recommend watching it once, I just wouldn't buy it.


  1. I guess I oughta pass on all of them this week!

  2. man, i actually enjoyed cloudy...want to see 9...but...

  3. The old Fame WAS pretty slow, and kind of depressing too. Still, I love Irene Cara.