Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post It Tuesday's

I got this idea from The Ratio of Failures (love her blog) And there are more post its at Supah's!

I like these prearranged blogs, because sometimes I've got nothing going on up there!


  1. small as an orange seed...nice. be excited! it is an exciting time. kids are so cool...

    my cat does the exact same thing...

  2. Grandbabies are precious, of course you are excited!

    Oh I am in the same boat with the dishwasher - I guess I should be grateful it gets unloaded (unlike the dish drainer).

  3. Amen about the Dogs. Mine does the same thing and then if you don't let him out he starts howling. Great Post its!


  4. Aww! I think you should be excited about grandchildren. Congratulations. Happy Post It Note Tuesday!

  5. Be happy that the boys at least take the dishes out... They could ignore you all together, LOL

    Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby! Of course it's OK for you to be excited about it!

  6. Congrats on the newbie baby on its way... and I have the same problem with my opartner and the dishes!