Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Movies

Good day to everyone! I have three movies today, one don't bother, one not to big a waste of time, and one really funny but for a mature audience!

I would not reccommend The Stepfather, the trailers are better than the movie. The first 10 minutes are the best part of the movie. This won't be giving anything away because obviously the stepfather is the bad guy. Anyway in the first part he is changing his idendity(physical appearance), just drinking some coffee and as he is leaving the camera shows the dead family members still sitting at tables or dead on the floor and he has flash backs on how he killed him, very creepy. However after that - lame. The next hour is the son and his girlfriend arguing about if the stepfather is a bad guy or a good guy. Even the climax fight scene at the end is not as good as the trailer made it out to be and while I won't ruin the ending for those who have this on their must see, it is anything but believeable.

Next is the new release Whiteout, I'm not completely sold on this movie but I think that is because it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. If I get around what it wasn't it was a good or at least an ok movie. I won't tell you what it is but I will tell you what it isn't in case you are in the same frame of mind as me and my family were. This is not a supernatural/spooky film. There is nothing going bump in the snow to scare you. So without giving anything away there you go. Not Kate's best piece of work but if it is the only movie on the shelf it's ok.

Now the movie I would recommend is the Invention of Lying, I would be careful of little ears though. Since no one lies there is a few scenes that talk about masturbation repeatedly. Didn't know this as my 13 yo son was watching but we just laughed nervously (instead of outright) and moved on. After those parts we all agreed it was a funny film. There is I should mention a lot of conversation regarding God, though not directly and in the end it is denied as being real, just a lie, just in case this would offend you. A lot of cameo appearances, Ed Norton, Tina Fey and others I can't remember their names. Fun movie for a laugh at home!


  1. nice. will have to check out "intention" and steer clear of the other. hope you are having a great sunday~!

  2. I liked the StepFather...Whiteout was too 'slow' for me and I didn't see the last one!

  3. Oh Thank you! I forgot about the Invention of Lying. I wonder if they have that on Redbox. I may have to run out and grab that! Thank you!

  4. I was wondering about this movie Thank you!