Saturday, February 27, 2010

Emergency shipment of condoms headed to Olympic athletes

That's right these athletes we admire and stay up all night to get a glimpse of are out of condoms. They are receiving 8500 more condoms and they should have been there by Thursday - hopefully. They have been giving free condoms to the athletes since 1992. Because being in the Olympics means you drink and have all the sex you can handle with as many partners as you can find. Maybe sex can be the next new Olympic sport!

After trying to watch the Olympics on NBC, which was an awful experience, I saw more ads than events. I think the glory of the Olympics is over for my family.

With athletes going home because of bad behavior (American halfpipe bronze medalist Scotty Lago volunteered to leave the Olympics on Friday after risqué pictures of him showed up on the Internet) and other events such as the Canadian Women's Hockey after win photos it all starts to feel a little like Hollywood. These athletes, unfortunately for them, are now nothing more than celebrities, we wait for the next one to fall. I don't remember the Olympics being that way when I was a kid. Why do we take something that works and break it?


  1. Cell phones with camers and immediate internet access, the ability to "share" updates via Twitter and Facebook - there is now no such thing as a private moment, even if it involves their private parts.

  2. we tend to do that with a lot of things...guess it is better that they have them than not...dont want too many families spread across continents...

  3. Agreeing with June - No such thing as a private moment!