Friday, February 5, 2010


I have been preoccupied lately and I have to say I am so impressed with the blogs that I follow because they write daily. I come and read daily all their blogs and then I sit here staring at a blank screen thinking of something really brillant to say and I turn the computer off.

Here is what my brain at 6:46 am came up with as I head out to school:

1. Why do I have to walk up three flights of stairs to get to the second floor?

2.  Why is high school sports costing me over $300 to particpate in? (Not me but my son in wrestling)

3.   Why is wearing your pants down around your ankles attractive or sexy?

4.  On that same note has anyone besides myself been tempted to just yank some punks pants all the way down when you see them walking like they just had an accident in their shorts?

5. Why am I the only person in the house who can operate anything electronic? (I'm just saying there are 4 gentlemen who live here, shouldn't they know something?)


  1. I think there are some appliances that require a vagina to least, that's how it seems to me.

  2. #4? Every single day, at 15 minutes intervals to my son. I've even threatened to get out the pneumatic stapler to secure his waistband above his butt crack.

  3. Well, what do you know? It all turned into an entertaining post!!!

    My kids extra-curricular sports about put me in the poor house! I feel your pain!