Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Movies

How About You - This movie was a nice surprise. Was surfing through Netflix's instant movies and picked this one. It has a great cast - Vanessa Redgrave and Joss Ackland to name a few. The movie is about a retired peoples home and the four residents who make life miserable for other residents and the owner. They smoke pot in this movie and there is some minor language swearing. But overall this is a quirky and funny movie with the idea that at any age you have to choose to keep living a full life.

Last Chance Harvey - The first 30 minutes of this film Dustin Hoffman's character made me uncomfortable. He is so strange and unconfident that I just wanted him to be quiet. I suppose that's a sign of good acting. He does get better later in the movie. Emma Thompson is nice as a counter balance to his character, though at times shes a little off as well. The funniest person is Emma's mom, she thinks her neighbor is a Polish serial killer. Funny now that I think about it this movie also speaks to the fact that in life you have to take risks in order to life a full life.

Ninja Assassin - Ok I didn't watch this one, but all my boys did. Myhusband watched it first because it's rated R. But according to all the males this is a great movie. Very bloody but in the way 300 was bloody and unreal, so no nightmares. They liked all the ninja fighting moves and super skills. So if that's your thing then here you go watch this one.

Defendor - This stars Woody Harrelson and again I didn't watch this because well not a big fan of his and I don't watch stupid humor movies. Again 4 men/boys watched it and it got mixed reviews. The big man said it was very good but the three smaller men didn't even finish watching it and said it was boring. That's the best review I can give it, I was in the other room watching foreign films, go figure.

Swades - I love this movie because it gave a lot of background to the India behind the song and dance. It showed the cast system at work and how it can cuase the ruin of an entire family. It also shows hoe culture and religion while a good thing can hold people back because they don't see change or how maybe some culture and religious values are outdated and maybe not a good thing anymore.

Rab Na Bana Di Jodi - I think this is my favorite love story I've seen come out of Bollywood yet. I think what impressed me most was the strong male character who is willing to do anything to make the love of his life happy, even give up his identity. At the same time he has some great lines about how he wants her to love his soft, quiet heart and to see him for those qualities. This movie made me laugh a lot and also reminded me that when you fall in love it should be because you see something greater than yourself and your ideals in them.


  1. nice...will definitely put the last two on the list...and the first sounds funny too. need that every once in a while smiles. have a happy sunday!

  2. looks like some interesting movies.

    I'm ready for you to review porn.

  3. I have wanted to watch Last Chance Harvey for a while... I will give it a try :0)

  4. The only one I've heard of from the list is Last Chance Harvey. I saw it at the theater and I thought it was ok, but really, really slow.