Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Movies

Surrogates is "I Robot" meets "Gamer". Bruce Willis is good and the concept is relevant for today and the way we are becoming a society that uses computers as our social outlets. The idea is that we can stay in our homes and just use machines to do our everyday activities. The movie is a bit slow, in comparison to some of the other Bruce Willis movies like "Die Hard. Rated PG-13 it is suitable for most ages, some violence that's about it.

Jodhaa Akbar -What begins as a strategic alliance between two cultures becomes a genuine opportunity for true love in this epic romance set amid the opulence and glamour of the 16th century. Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar agrees to marry the Raja Bharmal's daughter, Jodhaa. But he never expected her stunning beauty, fierce intelligence and considerable charms to inspire him to win her heart. Ok so I thought this review summed up what I wanted to say better than the words in my head were doing. This is a long movie over three hours, but it is worth it. The dances and songs are beautiful, the love story is poignant and the acting is very good. This movie is in subtitles but it is easy to follow. The two main characters have great chemistry and they are both beautiful to look at. This is age appropriate for anyone, some violence but nothing seen. Below is a video of just some of the love moments between the main charcters, but men there is war, battles and politics as well.

Last movie is the The Box. Boring, really boring. Acting was unbelievable and since we guessed the plot of the movie rather early it was just well unbelievable. I wouldn't waste my time.


  1. nice. will check out the first two...the second one sound really intriguing....hope you have a marvelous sunday!

  2. yup the box sucked rocks! i got so lost trying to follow the Surrogate. It looked good if you can understand it. Maybe my brain is just fried!

  3. That second one looks like something I need to watch with my daughter. She would love it! I'm gonna skip The Box for sure!

    I LOVE your movie reviews!