Monday, April 5, 2010

Midlife Crisis

Its official I am in the process having of a midlife crisis. Here’s how I know:

I never had teenage crushes; you know the kind that you have on singers, movie stars or sports athletes. I don’t have a great memory for the past but I’m pretty sure I didn’t even have posters up of any of the above mentioned people.

I’m here to say I have one now and if I was single I would have these poster blown up and plastered everywhere but I’m not single so having a crush seems dirty! So who is this new fascination, his name is Hirthisk Roshan and I saw him in Jodha Abkar. Here’s how I know this is a crisis, I have watched every YouTube video there is, all his dance moves, TV commercials, and lastly I joined Twitter just so I could see his updates. I am a sad, sad midlife crisis girl.

Good news is my mother-in-law thinks he’s hot too and my 23 yo niece. So I’m not completely out of line. So I just wanted to share my moment with you, I am sure it will pass but if not at least I have made advancement in technology and have a Twitter account now - you can find me at mamawheaton!


  1. haha. following...

    you, not him.


  2. I've avoided the whole crush thing for my entire life. Maybe there's a support group for that?

  3. I followed you on twitter. I might also have crushes on hollywood types, although my stalking days have ended.