Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Movies

It's been a long week and I have a lot of blog reading to catch up, but that's a post for another day. Today I want to talk about movies.

First up is One Night with the King. This is the biblical story of Queen Esther and her plea to save her people the Jews. Visually this movie is stunning and is a very easy story to follow and enjoy. I thought the king was a bit soft and very feminine, almost too much. The cameos in this movie were very surprising Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole to name a few. This is rated PG and seems to be a close representation of the Bible story.

The Boondocks Saints II - All Saints Day. I don't have much to say because well I didn't watch this the boys and man did. I can tell you they gave it four out of five stars and they are sure that because of the ending there as to be a third movie. I did check the internet but I couldn't find any such plans - darn. Again can't give you personal feedback, just the males in the house really like it.

Avatar. We went to see this at the theatre finally but we are cheap and went and saw it at the dollar theatre. So for twenty dollars, five of us saw a movie and we each got popcorn and a soda, plus the manager paused the movie about half-way through for a bathroom break and gave is free refills on our soda - very nice. Ok now on to the movie, I liked it. Oh, you want more; well I thought it was a beautiful place to live and that the special effects have definently been taken to a whole new level. Also I'll be honest there is a message in the movie about how humans are bad, destructive, incapable of not being greedy and will murder all life for what they want. I'm not saying that history can't proof all those points but to sit through such a long movie and be slapped in the face with the information constantly is uncomfortable and perhaps that is a good thing. We didn't see this in 3-D but I don't think we missed out on anything. I'd see this again, it is very visual and fast paced and you do root for the natives and boo for the greedy white men, so it does its job of drawing you in.

Love Happens. This stars Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, I thought this was a comedy but it is more like a romantic drama. Since his job is to discuss death throughout the whole movie there isn't anything funny about it. This is a slow story, shot in Seattle. I wasn't completely ever drawn in to the movie; there was just something that seemed old and cliché. Plus I'm sorry but Eckhart's hair drove me nutty, Donald Trump meets a bottle of hair gel, with no shower. Anyway it's rated PG-13 and its just ok, no wow factor or chemistry.

Bluffmaster. This is a very funny foreign film. If you have Netflix you can either watch it instantly or have it sent to your home. It is about a con man, which gets caught in a con right before his I Do, in front of his bride and family. Then it is about his redemption and well if I tell you more I'd give it away. Very funny and charming, probably wouldn't win an Oscar but it has wit and some very funny acting.


  1. have never heard of
    love happens was ok...
    avatar is at the dollar theatre now here as well and i think i may be glad i waited. cnat wait to b visually stunned which is what most reviews say...
    boondock saints...will be checking it out..
    one night with the king, its been a few years for me since i saw this. maybe i will go back and see it again.

    hope you are having a wonderful weekend. lots of movies this week!

  2. My husband already saw Avatar. He says when it comes out on DVD, he wants to buy a bigger TV...funny guy.

    Of the movies you reviewed, I'd be most interested in Bluffmaster.