Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Need a Tracking Device

Yesterday I took some me time, well not like the really good kind of me time, just errands but I took my time doing them. I get out of school at 1:30, walk with my friend to the car and talk until I don't know sometime after 2. (I talked a lot about my plan!).

I then drove to Barnes and Noble to return a book, at 3 o-clock promptly my youngest calls.

Him: I'm home

Me: Good

Him: When are you coming home?

Me: Not until you get done with wrestling (8 pm). (Just for the record I did tell everyone in the house my plans for that day)

Him: I have to walk!

Me: Yes

Him: Well what can I eat?

So then the conversation ventures off to the fact that I am also going to the grocery store so just find something and telling him that yes he must do his chores before he can go play with a friend.

Now I am still at B & N reading the backs of romance novels, looking at India travel guides, and Indian cookbooks, having the time of my life. I get 4 more calls two from the oldest, and two from the other two. All three seem obessessed with where am I and what time will I be home? Also the question of food come up again and having to walk home from track and to wrestling, though I do assure them I will be home in time to pick them up.

Next stop get the tires rotated, 4 more calls. Where am I now? What am I doing?

Last stop grocery store, but I confess I sit out in the parking lot for 1/2 hour reading one of the romance novels.  3 phone calls, each boy telling me they are going to wrestling (cell phones) and where am I?

Pick the boys up, go in the house, I have dinner ready (did I mention my stove is finally fixed after what 2 months - yeah) and all the boys and the man now ask me where and what I did all day!


  1. What would they ever do without us? So much for getting away on your own... =)

  2. haha. i want a day like that...minus the phone calls. see at least you know how important you are. smiles.

  3. a winsome day to look forward to...

  4. That was a perfectly planned day! Hee hee, I have to admit that my 22 year old daughter just tried to call me twice and I ignored it while I read blogs. She left a voicemail saying "my mommy doesn't love me". I'm beginning to suspect they never stop stalking us:)

  5. Can't they give you a moment of peace? LOL


    2 poetry awards,
    2 friendship award...
    Happy Sunday!
    Happy May!

  7. Good for you that you got some me time (sort of)! I'm dreading the day my kids figure out how to use the phone...for now I have my husband calling me if I disappear for a little bit. Great Blog, found you through MOTPG!