Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I think I have a plan!

You know how some people believe that if you put something out in the universe then it will happen? Well I'm putting something out there. I thought I was going through some mid-life crisis with all the Bollywood movies I've been watching and all the Indian music now on my mp3. Because you see as I walk through campus and I listen to my music I smile, a lot.

So here it is universe pay close attention. I want to go to India next summer and teach English. Then I want to go every summer until the last boy graduates from high school. After that I want to teach full-time overseas. There I said it and I meant.

So if you read this put out some good karma for me because even typing this makes me smile!


  1. woohoo! all about it! sending it out for you right now....i think that would be an amazing journey and i know even just letting everyone know you probably feel the excitement and the that feel...

  2. OMG that would be so awesome! If you need any tips let me know. My adopted mom taught English while she was in the Peace Corps in Uganda.

  3. Put it out there girl! Hope your wish comes true.

  4. Wow! What an amazing goal; I hope you achieve it!


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