Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Movies

It's movie review time again and I am sad to say that out of four movies only one is really good, one is entertaining and the other two are so bad just seeing the movie jackets at a movie rental business would make me gag, so enjoy!

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - I am a minor Nicolas Cage fan but if this was the only film I ever saw him in, well I'd tell him never to act again. This movie has no reason to be made, not even just for dvd sales. He is a bad cop, drugs, bribes and gambling, who is just well bad. My husband agrees that this has to be the worst movie he's ever made.

Brothers - This is the good movie. Very moving and perhaps it hits too close to open as to what happens to some of our soldiers out in the field but is never talked about. Toby Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman all give outstanding performances. This is a heavy movie and is rated R, so I would recommend mature audience only, though it is a good platform for some great conversations with older teens, my older son watched it and since he wants to join the military, his dad talked with him about some of the situations. 

The Men Who Stare at Goats - Who doesn't like George Clooney? Well not in this film! The only thing funny is the trailer. We watched this movie thinking any minute it will kick in, uh never. There are a lot of well known actors but it doesn't help, ever. Save yourself and don't see this film. Peaceful warrior monks who have been trained by a druggie who has found enlightment, yep that about sums it up. Even Kevin Spacey couldn't save this movie.

 Dhoom 2 - Ok so if you watch this foreign film remember they haven't quite caught up to Americans in realism yet, but they are working on it. This is Pink Panther, James Bond film. Probably suppose to be more James Bond, but refer to sentence one. Two of my boys watched this with me and they at least thought it was funny and that the over the top stunts were cool. They even liked the dance scenes. The speak some English but it's not hard to follow the subtitles. Again this is for entertainment value only, no life lessons in this one, just good looking actors and actress, some cool stunts and gadgets and very nicely done dance numbers. Go Bollywood!


  1. I saw Brothers and it was pretty good. Very touching.

  2. nice. really want to see brothers...will take goats off the list now though.

  3. This reminds me that I need to watch Brothers.

    Thanks for the reviews.

  4. I haven't seen any of them... I will keep my eyes open for Brothers.