Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Movies

Not sure what I've been doing that was so important that I couldn't watch any movies. Maybe it was the Olympics, since I broke the awesome new TV, we only have the one and the man likes his Olympics. Or maybe it is because I have 3 young men in Club Wrestling who are at practice 4 days a week and don't get home till 8! At any rate I only have two movies to review - Moon and Law Abiding Citizens.

Let’s start with Moon. This stars Sam Rockwell - who according to his movie credits has done a lot of film but nothing that stands out to me. The voice of the computer is Kevin Spacey and I have to say even his voice is a great actor! We watched this film (me, 1 man, 3 boys ages 11-15) and only 2 of us stayed awake. Now it was a busy a day, so I'll take that into account, still it was a really slow movie. There is one actor so it is like a one man show except you see two of the same guy. There is the possibility in the movie for some interesting twist but they only slightly come into play. There is language so it is rated R. My husband wants you to know this is not an eye candy movie so you need to be alert and ready to think the process out. This is thinking movie, we discussed it more in length the next day and we agreed that after discussing the movie it was more interesting than we thought and perhaps if we watched it again we would understand it better.

Next we have eye-candy (for the women) with action (for the men). This is an action flick but it is more than that because up until the bad guy crosses the line you are rooting for him to beat the system and proof his point of corruption in the judicial system. This movie is for older kids because there is some brutal killing, and rape and plenty of bad language. The acting is great and believable; the action is intense and brutal. This is movie making a statement about the corruption or ease that judges, prosecutors and attorneys make deals that affect people’s lives forever, mostly to further their own careers instead of standing up for justice.

Here is some eye-candy for those who appreciate!


  1. definitely up for law abiding citizen...have heard good things. eye

  2. I'm always up for eye candy. Yes, yes, yes. Thanks for that, even more than the reviews. LOL