Thursday, March 25, 2010

Observations from my Diningroom Table

Every morning (just about) I get up and sit at the dining room and have my computer time before school. Today is no exception, though today I don't have school but two 5 page essay’s to write, one about history and one about 'poetry. This would probably not be a problem except they're both due tomorrow at 9 am. But hey who's worried I have a little over 24 hours to write with inspiration and academic prowess.

So what I really wanted to talk about was myself what I notice just about every morning while I sit and drink coffee and check in with the world.

My guys can't fold laundry. Now don't comment and tell me they can because I'm sitting here and they can't. The laundry basket is on t he coach full of whites (which means socks, not very white) and they come down each morning and in the dark (not sure why they don't turn the living room light on - duh) they each empty the basket to find a pair of socks. No one even thinks to fold the clothes that are also in the basket. This would be a normal ok thing but I do fold socks and put them in their piles to go to their rooms probably 3-4 times a week. So what happens to those socks?

Anyway if I keep sitting here observing my space I’ll have to get up and do something with the now overturned, white laundry all over my dog haired couches and I can’t because I haven’t finished by first cup of coffee yet and besides two of the boys still haven’t found a pair of socks yet.


  1. lol. just stay there and finish that cup..they will be fine...

  2. That's hysterical... but that's easy to say because I don't have to live with it ;0)