Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Update!

I took Jasmine to her first OB appointment and well it was cool!

1.  Very glad it's not me on the table.

2. The baby is due October 15th (my birthday is the 4th - just saying)

3. The baby is the size of a Raspberry! Which in 7 weeks is a hugh growth from a orange seed!

4. Next visit we hear the heart beat!

While this may not have been the way I thought her life would go, it has brought not only her and I closer but her and her daddy as well. I love her and support her and we get to laugh at all her stupid questions and try to answer the real questions that are prompted by fear. I think we all be ok and survive this bump in the road of life.


  1. Can you even believe you're going to be a grandma???

  2. Does life ever go the way we think? :)

  3. My birthday is 10/4 too.. excellent month for birthing babies. Have you thought of what you would like your grandbaby to call you?

    I'm glad what could have been a very stressful event has brought all of your family closer together. The best possible beginning for this little baby.