Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad Dogs!

I love my dogs, no wait I hate my dogs, no wait I'm not sure.

I thought I was a cat person when I got married 19 years ago but some how I have had dogs the whole time. Not small curl up in your lap dogs but the big kind, mostly labs. Now don't get me wrong their great except for the following:

1.  Three big dogs eat a lot!

2.  They seem to think that 6 am Mon. through Fri. is feeding time, regardless. And if you don't get up and feed them, they pace. This would also be fine but we have hardwood floors and all you hear is click,click, click, click.......drives me crazy.

3.  The like to go on long runs, again no problem but they like to do it alone. last night we had a storm which blew the gate open, I let them out this morning and off they went for some exercise, now three hours later and they are still not home!

4.  Dog hair, I'm so over all the dog hair. I sweep and then a breeze blows and these giant fur balls show up from no where, I swear they are attacking me.

5.  Now I'm just venting because the dogs are out, but seriously I could use a year or two without a pet!


  1. I think the hair would make me crazy too. Yep. I know it would!

  2. Is it wrong that 4 out of 5 of these describe my kids and i could use a pet/kid vacation?

  3. I love my dog, but he acts more like a cat. Seriously, he's the lowest maintenance dog I've ever owned. I have to put a mirror in front of his nose to see if he's still alive.

  4. Hope your dogs have returned.

  5. Here's hoping the dogs are back... and a little assurance that parrots are no better, they also eat everything and chew EVERYTHING!