Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boys Are Just Yucky!

Conversation yesterday between Boy 1 (oldest son) and Boy 3 (youngest son)

Boy 1: Where did you get those shorts?

Boy 3: They’re mine!

Boy 1: Yes but where did you get them?

Boy 3: They were on the bathroom floor.

Boy 1: That’s gross I wore them to wrestling last night!

Boy 3: Well they are clean now.

Boy 1: Putting them in the dryer for a few minutes with the other clean clothes does not get my sweat off of them.

Boy 3: I got them wet.

Boy 1: What?

Boy 3: When I got out of the shower I stepped on them and that made them wet, so technically they’re clean…

Boy 1: ……………………….You’re weird!


  1. Maybe Boy 3 should never have laundry duty. Just sayin'.

  2. haha...i may have done that...also if you keep them in a large pile the ones ont eh bottom get clean...