Friday, May 28, 2010

Teamwork - Kind of

My oldest son worked on his death poems and got them finished just in time. I wanted to share what we came up with. He had to have art work with his poems so I've included what he picked as well.

The Sound of Life

Thump, pause, thump
Thump, pause, da thump, pause
Pause, thump, silence.


Death has come to me like a thief in the night,
He gave no warning, but left his calling card.

As I slept in blissful slumber, death stole by dreams,
He snuck in and snuck out taking the sunrise with him.

Death has made a mockery of love, what should have been forever,
He has now made eternally his and I am left alone.

Everybody Hurts

Everybody knows.
Your heart aches
as though the hand
of God has closed around
You and breathing which once was
Second nature has become the hardest thing
to do, you’ve lost all feelings except one,
the pain that seems to fill your
entire body, your bones feel
it, your skin is
crawling with it.
Everybody knows.


Bullets flying by, orders being yelled
-Move, move, cover your right!
I watch in disbelief as a car explodes
I can’t breathe, I can’t move.

My hands are tingling; my eyes are filled with tears.
I looked to my left to speak to Joe,
But only part of him has been left behind.
I can’t breathe, I can’t move.

All around me the sounds are dying out,
The colors of the flames and the blood
are muting into gray and black.
I can’t breathe, I can’t move.

Seven Lives

If I can get a redo on this life,
If when I die I can come back to you and do this all again
I will.

If there is more for me to learn and
If I must come back
I will.

If has become the now
If wouldn’t wait for you but
I will.


  1. Wow... what an awesome writer. Very deep.

  2. great job...i really like all of them but the simplicity of that first one carries a lot of weight. i think my second fav is the last one...

  3. Excellent. I think he may have to read them out loud!