Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homework Block

So I have no classes and as  I have already blogged I should be getting ready for finals, but I'm stuck.
Everytime I get near my homework, I freeze up and move on to something else. I...hold on....I....I even cleaned the house, caught up on the laundry, baked and downloaded music, but homework not so much.

What am I going to do, two of my papers are due Friday. Of course I did stay up til after 1 am last night watching another Bollywood film but I had good intentions to get up and going today, you know conquer the world.

I have a Netflix disc of Grey's I could watch fo rmotivation, no, no stay away from the TV.

Ok after I post this I am going to spend at least 1 hour doing English homework and then reward myself with well not sure, another hour of literature homework?

Anyway pray to the homeworks gods I get through this please.


  1. do i need to send my mother over there...yeah, she will definitely get you to do your homework...see what happens growing up with a teacher as a mom...and you better not be reading this instead of doing your homework...smiles

  2. If Brian's mother can't make it I'll send my wee Scottish Granny - She is TOUGH!

  3. Did you get 'er done? Hope so!! TV is such a wonderful yet horrible distraction! I love Greys and Private Practice.

  4. Focus!!!! You sound like I would be!