Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Movies

The Messengers - I thought this would be real heart breaking movie but instead I hated the characters of the two men who deliver the news of soldiers killed to their families. Instead of being a movie about compassion or even how hard a job this is, it was about what jerks these two men were and how messed up they were. It left me thinking less of the military instead of appreciating what a difficult job that would be.


It's Complicated - This is a must see movie, funny, so funny. My 15 yo son though so didn't get it and couldn't figure out why my husband and I were laughing so much. This movie had both of us laughing out loud which was a very hard thing for me since I have this cough and I would have to stand up and hold myself because I would start coughing so hard. Mr. Baldwin is one hairy dude - gross but funny. Meryl Streep is fabulous! Being an ex (however a long time ago) I could relate and in general this is a funny movie for anyone.


Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief - This is a movie which is totally geared towards a younger audience. My 11 yo son thought this was one of the best movies he's seen. My husband and I just kept saying things like. "How did she know where those buttons were?" and my husband wants to know how you put an entire horse’s ass in a wheelchair and keep it hidden? So there are little things like why doesn't the boy get upset when his mother dies or at least he thinks his mother is dead, he just goes on with the day - really? My recommendation is if you are 10 yo and younger you'll love this movie, otherwise skip it.

Om Shanti Om - I had to throw in a Bollywood movie! This has great songs and dance numbers, a little cheesy but I'm getting used to it. Story of revenge and love and there is a great scene where over 32 Bollywood actors all show up in a dance scene in cameo roles.

Kites - This is a Bollywood movie that has been edited down from almost 3 hours to 90 minutes and it is at your local theatres now. I just say it and I have to say I liked it though I did miss the big dance numbers. Guys will like this because there are guns shot outs and lots of cars being blown up. You have a love story, murders, gangsters, robberies and more love story. So it has something for everyone - a good date night movie. Since it is shot mostly in Las Vegas and Mexico there is plenty of English spoken. The two love birds have the problem of one speaks Spanish and the other Hindu, so there are some subtitles on the screen. If you have been hesitant about seeing a Bollywood movie this would be a good one to start with.


  1. nice. will check out, its complicated...could use a good laugh...percy jackson, at what age would you recommend it, anything a 8 year old should not see?

    thanks for the keep my movie list stocked and cleaned. smiles.

  2. Ok, you convinced me that It's Complicated is a must-see!!!

  3. me 2.. It's Complicated my next flick!!

  4. I watched It's Complicated recently - I thought it was fab too. Love Meryl Streep.

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