Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Movies

So I haven't watched a lot of movies this week. Well I watches some foreign films because duh - that's my new thrill but I only have one of those that I want to recommend. So here are my two review for the week (don't be fooled by the number, it's just some of the movies were ok but not worthy of a review, neither bad nor good).

Where the Wild Things Are

I remember vaguely reading this book as a child and/or reading it to my kids, but in no way was I prepared for how much I would dislike this movie. After the first scenes before he runs away, my husband looks at me and says "What is wrong with this kid, he is the worst kid on the planet." We couldn't find one redeemable aspect about him and the movie never really tells you why it is ok for this kid to be so angry, so violent (he bites his mom). We watched the whole movie and then put it on our worst movies seen in 2010 list. I didn't even save it for the boys to watch but returned it.

Kal Ho Naa Ho

So this movie is more than the sum of its parts. Let me explain, I told you I’ve watched a few Bollywood films this week and for the most part they ok, nothing to write about. As I began to watch this movie I was thinking to myself oh no here we go again another cheesy movie. About half through (it was entertaining) it grabbed me. No really, I couldn’t decide which man she needed to be with, and then I was crying and cheering. This is a love story on the grand, grand gesture scale. I was still crying when it was over and then again as I downloaded some of the music to my MP3. Really if you watch this movie, get over the first half and wait, if you like PS I Love you, then this movie is for you.


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  1. i was so disappointed with where the wild things are...i loved the book...the movie just sucks...