Monday, June 28, 2010

Trying to Be One of the Guys While Camping

Last weekend we went for a quick 3 day camp trip to start our summer. We found a camp sight without anyone else there,which worked out great since we brought two of our dogs. Dad and sons thing 2 and thing 3 left Thursday and thing 1 and I came up Friday.                                                                  
We had a great time, except I forgot to pack marshmellows so I was severely scolded every evening, though it didn't stop them from eating all the chocolate and graham crackers.

We (meaning I watched because I don't like pain) spent the weekend beating the crap out of each other with these nerf battle swords. I though nerf meant something soft but these were hard rubber and left welts, which they proudly had to show off. The men tried to climb trees like lumber jacks with their flip flops on, not much success there.

We played hide and seek and tag a lot. We also went to the river which was flowing really fast and very high. The men (really all immature toddlers) swam in an eddy and out to this rock, bringing the dogs with them. So the eddy is on one side of this rock and the fast, rapid flowing river on the other side. The men decide this is the prime time to learn how to do back flips - really! From my vantage point it looked like they were smacking their heads on the rock, they all survived, thankfully.

So all in all it was a nice relaxing (somewhat) weekend. I did get a two hour nap on Saturday which was blissful. Glad to be back home and to be back on-line!


  1. yay! we just got back from ours as well! was so needed and so refreshing...looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. It looks like you had a blast!!! Glad you got out to see the great outdoors!!

  3. How rejuvenating to be out there!!! Although I gotta hand it to you, all that testosterone would be more than I could handle!